Progressive Web Apps — Increase Business Profits
Progressive Web Apps — Increase Business Profits
Benefits of Progressive Web Apps in Improving Customer Experience and User Engagement

Technology finds its place in the world with the convenience it offers. If it improves the lives of people, it is accepted. First, we had websites then came web portals then mobile apps; each offering something better than the others.

Mobile apps offer great convenience and thus better user experience when compared to websites. Progressive web apps are a step ahead as these add convenience to users by combining the benefits of both websites and mobile apps and eliminating the limitations of both.

Progressive web apps are just application software delivered through the web or web apps with the benefits…

Artificial Intelligence — What and Why?
Artificial Intelligence — What and Why?
Artificial Intelligence — Reshaping the World

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Humans are considered the most intelligent of all animals. This is because they have the ability to think, learn, and create wonders with this learning. What if machines develop these capabilities too?

Yes, machines can also think, learn, and create wonders exactly the way humans do. When machines do all this, we call it artificial intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence is the term used for non-human intelligence or simply machine intelligence. …

voice search optimization for your business ok google
voice search optimization for your business ok google

Voice recognition technology indeed came as a miracle, another remarkable addition to the tech era. This gave the foundation for its advanced offspring, the voice search technology. Did you ever wonder about how stunning voice search is?

I remember, just about 2 years ago, the first time my sister used the “OK Google” feature on her smartphone for making a call at her office. Two of her colleagues gave her a suspicious glance, which she did not understand at that moment.

A few days later, one of those colleagues shockingly questioned her, “Your phone is strange; the other day it…

This infographic talks about how to republish or recycle your old content.

Do note that this infographic itself is a smart reuse of content as mentioned as a technique in my detailed blog post.

Ways to Reuse & Republish Content

If you have tried any other effective content reuse strategies, don’t forget to share in the comments!

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6 Ways Blockchain Can Transform Supply Chain Management

Supply chains are the crux and core of all businesses. Any business is incomplete without a perfect supply chain network. Most businesses fail due to faulty or slow supply chain management (SCM).

Blockchain technology has a lot to offer to supply chain management. From decentralization benefits to smart contracts and provenance, all the positive traits of blockchain provide this cutting-edge technology a great place in supply chain management.

Let’s consider the example of drug supply chain management. A tablet of medicine or drug is first manufactured in a lab and packed. Then…

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