Artificial Intelligence — What and Why?
Artificial Intelligence — Reshaping the World

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Humans are considered the most intelligent of all animals. This is because they have the ability to think, learn, and create wonders with this learning. What if machines develop these capabilities too?

Yes, machines can also think, learn, and create wonders exactly the way humans do. When machines do all this, we call it artificial intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence is the term used for non-human intelligence or simply machine intelligence. While machine learning is the ability of machines to learn, when this learning goes a step ahead to a stage where the machines get smart and develop the ability to think, it becomes artificial intelligence.

Let’s take the example of the common voice assistants that we use today, the Google Assistant and Siri. When you used these for the first time, did you not wonder how can a machine be so smart?

How do automatic or self-driving cars operate? And, how do smart chatbots being used for customer support, manage to understand the customers’ needs?

Well, these are just a few examples of how artificial intelligence is influencing our lives!

So, let’s learn how AI can be utilized in different we go!

AI in Healthcare

#. Timely and Accurate Diagnosis of Complex Diseases

AI is proving to be a miracle in diagnostics. AI and ML work great at identifying patterns. In the diagnosis of complex diseases like cancer, the main challenge lies in the fact that very subtle or minute details or patterns can be missed by the human eye. Trained well with the right data and algorithms, machines can catch many minute intricacies in diagnostic scans. As timely screening is crucial in such medical conditions, AI can help healthcare practitioners detect and start treatment at the right time.

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